Virus, Spyware, Malware & Hijack viruses Checklist.

A Small list of Problems. Infections cause too many issues to list all of them.

  • Are your Hard drives spinning away even though you are not using your computer?
  • Are your desktop icons being moved, changed, or even missing, even though you have not done anything with them?
  • Are your CD or DVD drives spinning up even with nothing in them and you are not using them?
  • Are your browser search engines being changed?
  • Does your browser homepage keep getting changed to another homepage?
  • Are you getting Blue Screens and the computer is shutting down?
  • Does your computer ever lock up and quit responding to any keyboard, mouse or other component movement?
  • Does your computer seem to be using too many resources causing your computer to run very slow?
  • Does your computer seem to keep getting slower to boot up or even have trouble booting up at times?

  • Are your files being moved or hidden from where you put them?
  • Does your printer print funny looking letters other than what it should?
  • Are hardware items that worked before just stopping and are not being detected on your computer?
  • Is your Computer Locked requesting you pay to fix it.
  • Not all problems listed above mean that there is an infection on your pc, but your data is too important to take any chances.  In the wrong hands, your data could cost you a lot of heartbreak. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on your system, you could possibly have Mal-ware, Spyware, Hi-jack Ware, Ransom Ware, or the Dreaded  crypto-locker virus on your computer causing your problems. 

If you suspect any of these symptoms, please unhook your phone / Ethernet / Wi-Fi   from your computer, turn off your devices and give us a call or send us an email.

We can help.